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considering ‘life, enthusiastic’

i’ll admit.  some days i don’t feel the enthusiasm.   i am not always the cheerful girl with the pigtails and the pom poms.  i am not always the on-top-of-the-world girl  and i am certainly not always the life of the party.  but i’m trying to find the joy & beauty in everyday.  enthusiasm for a simple life is what i want.  so by naming it and blogging about it and pretending to have it, i will, in effect, make it.  it’s my ‘fake it ’til you make it’ theory.  and it works for me.

some days just finding matching socks is an accomplishment.  and everyday that i get to work on time is a major victory.  i must remember to celebrate.

life, contemplative. life, exacerbated.  life, complicated.  life,  hysterical.  life, delicious.  life, decadent.  life, simple.

i embrace them all with the joy of a dog with a bone.  join me!!!

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