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blame it on daylight savings…

what are you blaming on daylight savings? here in mountain standard time, our days get shorter.  but the standing order we have for life is just as tall.
how do we adjust?

i’m blaming it all on daylight savings.  the sleeping, the eating, the intolerance.  but i’m not alone- there are others who share my feelings.  like a lot of things in my life, i pretend denial.  i know the truth, but hope that a ridiculously stubborn positive attitude will mask the problem.  each year, there is a day in october in which our mood starts to darken like the sky, earlier & earlier.  years ago, my friend and i walked out of work together to a black night, at 5:00pm.  we calculated and measured and watched, and by early december, the sky becomes lighter and lighter at 5:00.  i look forward to feeling like the sky again–  lighter and lighter.  in so many ways. 

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