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one degree in idaho

green frozeni live in idaho.  did you already know that?

last winter i talked my 75-year-old mother into believing that 30 degrees was a great temperature for taking a walk.  and indeed, we ended up shedding layers as we played with our dogs in the mountains above our city.   we walked to dinner at the taco restaurant downtown, bundled up beyond recognition.  but, we were fine.

i spend more time in snow boots than in flip flops, and way more time in either of those than i do in high heels.

but today.  it is one degree.

we live in a place where the temperature ranges from 110 degrees fahrenheit to minus 20 below.  that is a 130 degree range (sorry- i did the math for you because i’m so astonished!).  no wonder our closets are packed to the gills- we have multiple whole wardrobes to accommodate the climate we live in.  we have gore tex and fleece, wool & thinsulate.  we have hats, gloves, scarves and sorels.  we have hot toddies.

one degree is the time to stay indoors.  to take extra care of your pets & random four leggeds. to count your blessings for a warm place to sleep.  to go dancing in your snow boots.

what do you do to stay warm?  is it cold where you live? what is it like to have a stable temperature year-round?  are your trees still green?

i might be a little jealous.

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