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and then, a happy new year

my parents had epic new year’s parties when i was growing up.  the furniture was cleared for a dance floor, the porch was stocked with beer, a hearty stew bubbled on the stove, and kisses were exchanged.  each & every guest was a member of our extended ‘family’.

i remember spending hours each new year’s day looking for guy lombardo.  in my father’s extensive album collection, i mean.  his royal canadians serenaded us every year, at midnight, scratchily, with auld lang syne.

so last night, after the clock struck 12 and hugs & kisses were exchanged at my local martini lounge, i snuck home to snuggle with my big red dog.  & to dance to guy lombardo’s auld lang syne in my pajamas.

where have i listened to guy lombardo these last years?  on the east fork of the salmon river, at a raging bonfire with a pile of friends and my 74-year-old mom.  in a darling cottage in sun valley, watching huge snowflakes thru the picture windows and sipping champagne.  and this year, at my cozy bungalow with my big red dog and my pajamas.

so, the music brings back memories of my childhood & where i was when the song played.  which is quite lovely.  but do you know the words?  it’s enough to bring a tear to even the dryest eye.

let’s raise our overflowing glasses to mr. lombardo, and his royal canadians.  SALUD!

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