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bone dry.  that’s how we feel here in the middle of our idaho winter.  our hair is full of static cling.  our cheeks ask for just a splash of sunshine.  our skin begs us for a drink.  our feet and hands become sandpaper.  our lips cry out for chapstick, on threat of cracking.  me & my friends are thirsty.  thirsty for fun.  thirsty for adventure.  thirsty for a change of scenery.

last weekend i grabbed a friend & snuck away to the big city 2 hours from home.   we saw a hockey game (quel violence?!), went iceskating downtown in the sunshine & had a late supper at a mediterranean diner (can you say baba ganoush?!).  the streets were full of traffic & homelessness, things we really don’t have at home.  we window-shopped & walked those city blocks in our dress-up shoes until our feet squirmed in agony.

it was only 24 hours.  but i was quenched.

but it wasn’t the city or the sights.  it was the friend.

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