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creative consultants

creating, finishing & publishing this website is taking me out of my comfort zone.  it’s a good thing.  surprisingly, i have  figured out most of the technical stuff (thanks to great help from my support team).  but i am still reaching out to others for the creative side.  one of my supporters gave a possible explanation.  she said “creative people know what they don’t want, but knowing what they want is more difficult.”

several times lately, i find my own answers right in the middle of asking someone for help.  i couldn’t do it without them. i know they are helping me get the answers i already have- i am not discrediting them at all. it’s just another interesting part of this process.

what i have ended up with is a  team of creative consultants. in the middle of this project i realized i have many photographers, social media experts, computer gurus and other creative geniuses right by my side.

and i encourage you to do the same.  find a specialist or a hobbyist in your subject area- they’re likely right next to you.  and use them to brainstorm.

they might not have your answer, but maybe they can help you find it yourself!

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