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this weekend, i went shopping with a friend.  fabric shopping.   he said, as he pointed to his first choice:  “i wish it were different”.  i don’t think he even heard what he said or realized what it meant.  to me, that means it’s not what he wanted.  maybe he meant to say “i wish it were what i wanted.”  which more clearly says it’s not what he wants.  i know that when we go to the store, we want to find exactly what we want.  and we often talk ourselves into a second best.  especially in our small town idaho stores.  the selection, though lovely, is not always plentiful.

did he hear what he said?  did he realize he hadn’t found what he really wanted?  would he regret it later?  was he settling?

what decisions do we make simply because it’s the best available choice, tho not really what we want?  probably more than we care to admit.

i plan to hold out for the best choice, not just what’s available.  i hope you consider yourself worth it, too.

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