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have you heard about grounding??  it’s the concept of physically reconnecting with the earth-and i mean that in it’s most basic sense.  it’s the act of placing your bare body on the ‘ground’.  grass, sand.  soil.  rock. earth.  with nothing in between.  it’s a way to cleanse, reconnect and get yourself back to basics.  ever notice how you feel better after playing in the garden??  picking up stones and twigs??  getting your hands dirty, literally in the earth, reconnects you to the beginning.  last week i had the opportunity to ground myself on some authentic oregon ocean beach sand.  it’s a grounding i don’t get very often–our idaho desert doesn’t have much sand.  it’s recharging in a different way, hard to explain.  well, you know.

it’s a completely different experience to be in a pinetree forest or an ocean beach.  exactly the same glorious feeling, but also a completely different feeling.  sometimes we connect more to a place, because of geography.  for me, it’s absolutely thrilling to be at the beach, because i don’t get it often.  it’s a really fresh rejuvenation.  the pine tree forest or the idaho desert are where i spend my most time.  and it works for me.  if i weren’t careful, i could become complacent about those spaces.  but i recognize and relish the familiarity, and they continue to recharge me.  it took me many years to appreciate the sagebrush desert.  i must tell you, it’s a whole nother world (sic).  it’s hard to appreciate from a car window, but when you get out there– it’s all a wonder!

grounded, exactly where i should be.

grounded, exactly where i should be.




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