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feel happier with gabby bernstein, spirit junkie.

my heart is full of gratitude that i’ve been able to meet this lovely lady 3 times, most recently via my big adventure to new york in september.

there are a lot of things i admire about gabby.  i love her marketing style.  i love her style.  i love her hip spirituality.  i love her commitment to beauty in life.  she is one of forbes best branded women.  she is accessible and open, via multiple mediums.  and she is just f’in fun to watch…..

in fact, there are several ladies i follow around the internet, and they seem to have the same things in common.  yes, they do have things for sale.  tangible, intangible, glittering & solemn.  but that’s not their main attraction.  or maybe it is, but they are so clever that you hardly notice.  you are so attracted to their style, that it doesn’t even occur to you that you wouldn’t want to buy what they are offering.  you may not even know what it is, but if they had anything to do with it, you are willing to try.  i guess, that you are so interested, curious & confident in them, that you are willing to consider anything associated with them.  i think i fell for these girls first, and then realized their beauty transferred to their products…..  their stories & their photos are so lovely…..  they are so brave and open and honest.  you feel like you know them.  and you definitely like them.  and you know they would love to sit down and have coffee with you.  and they would also like you very much.  there are at least 2 ladies that i am referring to, and i have thanked them both in person & via email.  for sharing their lives.  and for offering wares that are equally beautiful.

i think it takes a tremendous amount of courage for them to put themselves out there, and i applaud them silently and via email.  thanks once again.  i send you love, carla

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