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up the ante.


satchel: series I

i don’t know if i told you, but i told a good friend recently, that it’s time to up the ante.   i do consider myself an artist, but if someone were to ask, i wouldn’t know what to tell them.  i am an artist.  but what is my medium??  i know artists can have more than one, but i wanted 1.  as in, 1 definitely.  i think i should take clues from my favorite shops.  i’ve always had a crush on the paper arts.  the lighthearted ones.  the beautiful cards, prints and calendars.  oooh, the papers and the fonts.  (what kind of geek am i?)  i dream about letterpress and ink.  but then there are the fabrics.  if i could just design & sew all day, my life would be complete (insert theme music with butterflies).  

when i was rebuilding my life, i decided to openly acknowledge and embrace my creative need and allocate about 1/3 of my living space to these pursuits.  i have a beautiful studio, but the accoutrements of all my media are taking up most of the space, i barely have room to work.  i have paints, brushes, thread, stickers, a scanner, sewing machines (yes plural, i think there are 6 or 7 in my immediate family), a slide projector, needles, tacky glue, glitter, beads, cutting boards, x-acto knives, hammers, chisels, stamps and inkpads.  i can do some of most, and that might be the extent.  i want to do all of some, instead.  my first love is textiles, my second, paper.  

i finally told my friend that my sewing was moving from downright crafty to gorgeous & classy.  i upped the ante.  i am progressing from giving all my work as gifts (which is rewarding & great) to receiving gifts of my work. which is not to say i will sell it all or no longer give it away.  but i will no longer devalue myself via my work.  part of my transformation will include more & different giving of myself and my gifts, and also asking for & accepting gifts in return.  keep an eye on my etsy shop in the coming months.  i’ll also let you know when i post new items!!!

with blessings,     carla

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