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welcome to 2015.

happy new year, everyone!!!  last year, my new year’s post was one of my first on this blog.  i was still stretching my fingers and finding my blog voice.  it was scary. and here, tonight, i am ready to embark on blog year two.

tonight, on the 4th day of the new year, i find myself wanting to ask, How Was YOUR Year??  what were your highs & lows.??  did you have highs, and how high were they??  were they everything you wanted and expected??  did you wait for them to happen or did you make them happen??  have you thought about your lows??  so much of what i’ve been reading lately asks you to find beauty & answers in the hard stuff.  your lows might help you identify someone to thank for a hard lesson learned, or find room for improvement in your own life.  or maybe your lows will help you practice forgiveness.   one of the things i appreciate about the new year, is that it brings me to reflection.  i love to consider the past year- my successes and failures.  they are what make me ME!!!  i already scribbled out my blessings, highs and lows & my great accomplishments for 2014.  this process of mine helps me identify what is most important to me for 2015.   and yes, i’ve got that scribbled along somewhere as well.

i’m going to make 2015 happen for me.



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