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slow & steady wins the race….

one thing you can say about me, is that i don’t give up.  it takes me absolutely eons to make these big decisions, but once they’re made, it’s a done deal.  we all know that slow and steady wins the race.  ok.  but what about impatience? where the h-e-double toothpicks does it fit in??  is it a gift or a curse??  does it inspire us more than frustrate us??  does it motivate more than hinder???

right now, it’s a motivating curse.  i have so many projects and goals right now, i’ve got something at every stage.  but i want instant gratification.  i want it all done right now, ok???  thanks.  if forgiveness is the ‘f’ word, then patience is a real ‘pisser’.   ((deep breath)). i don’t take enough time to celebrate each goal reached, each mountain climbed, each sweet success no matter how small.  i get it out of the way, and move on to the next one.  it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment to get 24 items checked off your list when you really have 32 tasks.   but why not???  my gosh, celebrate more.  lesson:  celebrate & bask in it.  for me, some days, it’s a major accomplishment to get up & get dressed.  i need to honor that fact.

today.  i am celebrating.  i got up this morning, fed the dog & myself, and got busy & marked one very big task off my list.  now i am celebrating with ice tea.  at the coffeeshop.  with my old friend, blue-haired jen.  silently working together on projects. my one task will have a snowball effect & inspire scores of other tasks.

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