who is she?

certificatecropped-10435133_4828718891099_2207010540654404203_n-1.jpgi understand that finding the right life coach is an important part of your process, and i believe that you should make an informed decision.  instead of using valuable time in a coaching session to tell you about myself, i present it here for you.  

i am a certified life coach with a passion for life’s stories.  my certification was awarded in 2012 by Alan Cohen- award winning author & coach. my training included a 4-day intensive course & retreat in Ojai, California, 18 teleseminars over 5 months, 40 self study lessons, 20+ practice coaching sessions, and a 10 page mastery exam.  alan & his team are still one of my best resources, and i continue my dialogue with many of them.  it was an amazing experience and i highly recommend any of alan’s programs.  check the coach training out at:   http://holisticcoach.org/life-coach-training/.

green spirit junkiethen, in september 2014, i completed Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass in new york city.  this was an amazing experience for me, and i now have 250 spirit guides to help me in my business!!

but first, i graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Anthropology- the study of culture and peoples.  now, as a coach, i continue on my journey by guiding clients toward satisfying lives.

for 10 years after graduation, i worked daily with clients making important career decisions. this experience will become a powerful tool for you in your process

i’m dedicated to a life worth living, for all.

in my spare time, i breathe in the fresh, idaho mountain air,  play with dogs, sit by rivers, read, sew and i’m always on the hunt for a great bargain.  i just built a firepit in my backyard living room.  this is small town life!!  and this is who i am.

Knowledge is Power/Continuing Education:

  • FreshStart Tobacco Cessation Certification via American Cancer Society, October 2015
  • Idaho State University:  coursework in Health Sciences- Promoting Wellness (December 2013) & Intro to Wellness Coaching (December 2015)
  • Crucial Conversations via Vital Smarts:  Interpersonal Communication, December 2014
  • Green Dot training- Violence Prevention Strategy- October 2015


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