who is she?


or who isn’t she? that is the question.

think about how many roles we fill in today’s world.  we can’t define ourselves by just one thing.  and believe me, i’ve tried.  labels are for thrift stores.

my name is carlarenee. i am an artist, a friend, a certified life coach and a gemini. i’m a life-long student.  i’m a Spirit Junkie, an anthropologist and i never cook.  i haven’t brushed my hair since july.  i’m turning 50 this year.

i play in the mountains whenever i can, and when i can’t- i dream of them. i have a big red dog who i take on all my adventures. i have a boyfriend of 5 years. i read, i sew and i dream big. i work full time in an office, and i enjoy it. but my job is not who i am. i am a diet coke fiend. i work hard at everything i do. sometimes it works out. sometimes it’s a pinterest fail. i love to make jam and bottled peaches.

these are some of the good things. my life isn’t all snapdragons and primroses. i have issues which i won’t list here now. if you follow me, you’ll get bits and pieces, which will be enough for you to realize that i’m just a regular girl.

i love my small town life.  i never really left after high school  and i am unapologetic.  and this is who i am. it’s nice to meet you, too.

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