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feel happier with gabby bernstein, spirit junkie.

my heart is full of gratitude that i’ve been able to meet this lovely lady 3 times, most recently via my big adventure to new york in september.

there are a lot of things i admire about gabby.  i love her marketing style.  i love her style.  i love her hip spirituality.  i love her commitment to beauty in life.  she is one of forbes best branded women.  she is accessible and open, via multiple mediums.  and she is just f’in fun to watch…..

in fact, there are several ladies i follow around the internet, and they seem to have the same things in common.  yes, they do have things for sale.  tangible, intangible, glittering & solemn.  but that’s not their main attraction.  or maybe it is, but they are so clever that you hardly notice.  you are so attracted to their style, that it doesn’t even occur to you that you wouldn’t want to buy what they are offering.  you may not even know what it is, but if they had anything to do with it, you are willing to try.  i guess, that you are so interested, curious & confident in them, that you are willing to consider anything associated with them.  i think i fell for these girls first, and then realized their beauty transferred to their products…..  their stories & their photos are so lovely…..  they are so brave and open and honest.  you feel like you know them.  and you definitely like them.  and you know they would love to sit down and have coffee with you.  and they would also like you very much.  there are at least 2 ladies that i am referring to, and i have thanked them both in person & via email.  for sharing their lives.  and for offering wares that are equally beautiful.

i think it takes a tremendous amount of courage for them to put themselves out there, and i applaud them silently and via email.  thanks once again.  i send you love, carla

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worth the wait.

wow!!  idaho girl in the big city.  talk about a fish out of water.  and also talk about a brave girl with an adventurous heart.   a heart she had forgotten.  

i ventured to new york city in september.  by myself.  it had been thirteen years almost to the day since my first visit to new york, and i must say it was worth the wait.  

it was cool.

but really.  i fell in love with this darling city, it’s architecture, it’s people, it’s shops, and especially it’s edgy style. i have great respect for the city and it’s citizens.  i was in awe, happily.  my experience was just perfect, if such a thing is possible.  i told everyone it was so cute.  maybe it was the neighborhoods.  maybe it was the beautiful sunshiny weather.  maybe i just met the right people.  as if i had nothing to do with me.  as if i hadn’t attracted the whole beautiful, awesome experience.  i still think that things happen to me, instead of me happening to them.  

i had the great fortune to stay with an old highschool friend outside of the city, and even though he never even came to the city, i had great comfort in knowing he was nearby.  my visit with him was a gift in many ways, and i cannot thank him enough.  i rode the subways, i took taxis and i jumped the train to connecticut to see my friend each night.  i went to MOMA.  i rode a double decker.  i ate in delis and on street corners.  i got lost.  i went to macys & bought extravagant perfume.  i had pizza and bagels.  i asked for directions, and people actually asked me for directions.  i can’t believe i had some answers.  i took about 4 photos, because they just didn’t do it justice.  why bother? 

my destination in new york??  a girl named Gabby Bernstein (facebook, instagram or google her for a good time!)  i joined a group of 250 lightworkers from around the world at her Spirit Junkie Masterclass.  i first met gabby in sun valley in 2012 at the wellness festival, and she has been a constant light presence in my life ever since.  i told her when we met again in 2012 how much she had grown & changed since our first meeting.  she said “i might just cry right now”.   i told her because it was truly amazing to see the absolute changes & maturity in her style.  i couldn’t not tell her.  it had to come out of me.  

in her style.  absolute changes.  wow.  but i must realize that the changed were also in me.  was i complimenting and describing her or me?  probably both of us.  

i own my recent growth.  i deserve to, because i am the owner & instigator of it all.  i fought like hell for it.    

in 1999, i boarded a plane to guadalajara, mexico to take a 6-week intensive spanish language class.  by myself.  i didn’t really think anything of it at the time. it was just what i wanted to do.  it’s been a long time since, but that brave girl was nowhere to be found.  i had become afraid of my own shadow, and just as insecure.   these last 2 years have been critical in my rebuilding, and i reached a pivotal moment earlier this summer, listing to a webinar in my bedroom, with my laptop & my dog.   i was called to the spirit junkie class in new york.  at first i fought to ignore it.  and then to own it.  just like i had done with my life coaching program in Ojai.  

fighting like hell has made me what i am…..  ((thank you!!))


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new reading group.


yeah.  so i’m trying to find my ‘peeps’ in pocatello.  i know you’re out there.  i cannot be the only one in our gorgeous little town that has piles and piles of great books.  unread books. i want to find like minds.  a lot of decisions about this group will be made by the group, once we meet.  but i can’t wait to hear about all the great books we come up with!!!  are you in a book group already??  what works and what doesn’t??  i can’t wait to meet you.  best, c

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i am thrilled to report i am just back from nyc with a shining, new certification and a sparkling outlook!  this trip was an eye-opener of the best kind.  i attended the spirit junkie masterclass hosted by Gabrielle Bernstein with guests Rha Goddess, Kris Carr and Lisa Leydon.  it was an honor & a privilege to be amongst them and 249 other lightworkers from around the world(!) for nearly 3 days.  wow.  talk about a girl on fire:

green spirit junkie

and, i can’t even begin to describe my trip right now, i think i’m still in shock.  i probably should get these feet back on the ground, but right now, i’m enjoying the ride….


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time away.

i had some time away recently.  i walked away from my job, my friends, my home, my dog (gasp!) and my comfort zone for a full(!) week.  it was pure bliss.  my mother, who just turned 76, rented a house on the Oregon coast for our family vacation.  i won’t bore you with the details, but that week had all the elements of a glorious time!!  i took the opportunity to create a glass float at a do-it-yourself glass shop.

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have you heard about grounding??  it’s the concept of physically reconnecting with the earth-and i mean that in it’s most basic sense.  it’s the act of placing your bare body on the ‘ground’.  grass, sand.  soil.  rock. earth.  with nothing in between.  it’s a way to cleanse, reconnect and get yourself back to basics.  ever notice how you feel better after playing in the garden??  picking up stones and twigs??  getting your hands dirty, literally in the earth, reconnects you to the beginning.  last week i had the opportunity to ground myself on some authentic oregon ocean beach sand.  it’s a grounding i don’t get very often–our idaho desert doesn’t have much sand.  it’s recharging in a different way, hard to explain.  well, you know.

it’s a completely different experience to be in a pinetree forest or an ocean beach.  exactly the same glorious feeling, but also a completely different feeling.  sometimes we connect more to a place, because of geography.  for me, it’s absolutely thrilling to be at the beach, because i don’t get it often.  it’s a really fresh rejuvenation.  the pine tree forest or the idaho desert are where i spend my most time.  and it works for me.  if i weren’t careful, i could become complacent about those spaces.  but i recognize and relish the familiarity, and they continue to recharge me.  it took me many years to appreciate the sagebrush desert.  i must tell you, it’s a whole nother world (sic).  it’s hard to appreciate from a car window, but when you get out there– it’s all a wonder!

grounded, exactly where i should be.

grounded, exactly where i should be.




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it’s no coincidence

nothing ever happens by coincidence…. several weeks ago, i dropped off a flyer at the Coop in my town, and met a great lady. she enlisted me to teach classes as part of the Open Mind Healthy Body collaboration. i started last Thursday night with a discussion on Emotional Food. how fitting for me!!! i have a summer class series & will post more information soon.  thanks to the universe for continuing to support my dreams.  i appreciate it.