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IMG_20140415_0029i’ve been kind of quiet lately.

my prioritites were voluntarily hijacked by a sentimental family project.  since mid-february, all my extra time and energy (is that an oxymoron or two?) have been spent creating a slideshow of vintage photos from my dad’s extensive collection.  i’ve wanted to create this show for a long time.

my dad was an illustrious photographer.  we have boxes & piles of photos, negative and slides in every corner of our family home.  but i’ve always felt that these photos didn’t just belong to my family- but instead to a much more extended network of family & friends.  so.  i decided the time had come to share them.  my slideshow was published on wednesday for family & friends.

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yesterday, i literally laughed out loud when i swivelled my swivelling office chair around to face the seven foot tall windows in my office!!!

it was snowing sideways.  like horizontally.  i never know what to expect when i swivel these days.  for it is spring in idaho.  the weather is as predictable as a punchline from a bad joke.  and it’s never funny. 

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this weekend, i went shopping with a friend.  fabric shopping.   he said, as he pointed to his first choice:  “i wish it were different”.  i don’t think he even heard what he said or realized what it meant.  to me, that means it’s not what he wanted.  maybe he meant to say “i wish it were what i wanted.”  which more clearly says it’s not what he wants.  i know that when we go to the store, we want to find exactly what we want.  and we often talk ourselves into a second best.  especially in our small town idaho stores.  the selection, though lovely, is not always plentiful.

did he hear what he said?  did he realize he hadn’t found what he really wanted?  would he regret it later?  was he settling?

what decisions do we make simply because it’s the best available choice, tho not really what we want?  probably more than we care to admit.

i plan to hold out for the best choice, not just what’s available.  i hope you consider yourself worth it, too.

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my first blog crush

the other day, i was thinking about a little ditty i used to read on a regular basis.  it was online, and i didn’t really know it at the time, but it was my first blog crush.  i don’t think i even knew the word ‘blog’.  it was called french 75.  i guess a french 75 is a famous drink with gin, and it was written by an american girl named jean, living in paris.  i followed her thru the arrondisements, into her little kitchen & to the market for almost a year.  she was my first blog crush.  i’ve had several since then.  nothing serious, just playing the field a little.  what’s the harm?

what blogs do you adore?  do you fall for them hook, line & sinker?

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creative consultants

creating, finishing & publishing this website is taking me out of my comfort zone.  it’s a good thing.  surprisingly, i have  figured out most of the technical stuff (thanks to great help from my support team).  but i am still reaching out to others for the creative side.  one of my supporters gave a possible explanation.  she said “creative people know what they don’t want, but knowing what they want is more difficult.”

several times lately, i find my own answers right in the middle of asking someone for help.  i couldn’t do it without them. i know they are helping me get the answers i already have- i am not discrediting them at all. it’s just another interesting part of this process.

what i have ended up with is a  team of creative consultants. in the middle of this project i realized i have many photographers, social media experts, computer gurus and other creative geniuses right by my side.

and i encourage you to do the same.  find a specialist or a hobbyist in your subject area- they’re likely right next to you.  and use them to brainstorm.

they might not have your answer, but maybe they can help you find it yourself!

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bone dry.  that’s how we feel here in the middle of our idaho winter.  our hair is full of static cling.  our cheeks ask for just a splash of sunshine.  our skin begs us for a drink.  our feet and hands become sandpaper.  our lips cry out for chapstick, on threat of cracking.  me & my friends are thirsty.  thirsty for fun.  thirsty for adventure.  thirsty for a change of scenery.

last weekend i grabbed a friend & snuck away to the big city 2 hours from home.   we saw a hockey game (quel violence?!), went iceskating downtown in the sunshine & had a late supper at a mediterranean diner (can you say baba ganoush?!).  the streets were full of traffic & homelessness, things we really don’t have at home.  we window-shopped & walked those city blocks in our dress-up shoes until our feet squirmed in agony.

it was only 24 hours.  but i was quenched.

but it wasn’t the city or the sights.  it was the friend.

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and then, a happy new year

my parents had epic new year’s parties when i was growing up.  the furniture was cleared for a dance floor, the porch was stocked with beer, a hearty stew bubbled on the stove, and kisses were exchanged.  each & every guest was a member of our extended ‘family’.

i remember spending hours each new year’s day looking for guy lombardo.  in my father’s extensive album collection, i mean.  his royal canadians serenaded us every year, at midnight, scratchily, with auld lang syne.

so last night, after the clock struck 12 and hugs & kisses were exchanged at my local martini lounge, i snuck home to snuggle with my big red dog.  & to dance to guy lombardo’s auld lang syne in my pajamas.

where have i listened to guy lombardo these last years?  on the east fork of the salmon river, at a raging bonfire with a pile of friends and my 74-year-old mom.  in a darling cottage in sun valley, watching huge snowflakes thru the picture windows and sipping champagne.  and this year, at my cozy bungalow with my big red dog and my pajamas.

so, the music brings back memories of my childhood & where i was when the song played.  which is quite lovely.  but do you know the words?  it’s enough to bring a tear to even the dryest eye.

let’s raise our overflowing glasses to mr. lombardo, and his royal canadians.  SALUD!

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joyeaux noel with mon amie, amelie

merry, merry christmas from idaho!  after a lovely day of abundance with family & friends, i’m spending my late night watching one of my favorites, amelie.  it doesn’t hurt that i’m watching it on a big flatscreen, in a friend’s house on top of a snowy mountain just outside of my sleepy little town.  to add insult to injury, i’m in front of a fireplace with 3 adorable sleeping dogs with a cup of spiked hot chocolate.

my friend and her husband are in london, but am i jealous?  not really.

i hope you had a lovely day with many blessings.