let’s talk!!

i’m glad you’re even considering a life coach appointment,  it’s a brave first step!!

my rate is $65/hour.  i offer one complementary 30-minute consultation to any prospective client and one new client session for $35/hour.  there is no obligation at any time for a return appointment.

we can meet once, twice or always.  daily, weekly, monthly or semi-annually.  it is entirely up to you.  by nature, a coach doesn’t really follow up with you.  if i reach out to you, it’s not as effective.  this is your growth, and your path.  you have to want it.

i have a great meeting space, or we can connect in a quiet, public space if that is more comfortable for you.  i worried that phone appointments wouldn’t be as effective, but have found them to be amazingly successful- maybe they reserve a hint of anonymity that brings out honesty?

i take credit cards via PayPal, or cash-in-hand if you happen to be in my neck of the woods.

all of my services are completely confidential.  i will NEVER sell, trade or promote ANY of your personal information, including your contact information.

contact me to schedule your free consultation, new client or return session:


call or text 208.241.3178


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