After my session with Carla, I am more clear on where my energies are being spent, where they are needed, and how I perceive them.  She actively listened & noticed what I was actually talking about, even when I didn’t. She then challenged me to give myself time and self-kindness while addressing these truer issues.  There are moments in time that are obvious in their importance. Connecting with Carla right now is one of those for me.  Connie, age 36

When I made the appointment to meet with Carla, I was acting on my intuition and felt like it was the right thing to do. I needed to talk with someone about future focused decisions.   I wasn’t sure if she got all the important information out of me, but only because I’m not sure of it myself.   I don’t know.   She didn’t judge and she didn’t try to problem solve.  Greg, age 61

I found the thought process to be guiding and allow me to see things from another view, to see the bigger picture.  Carla was very open minded, asked the right questions to make me think what would be best for what I truly want in life.  I feel Carla is on the right track- she got me to think about all the angles of my choices…….  Paul, age 30

I was able to verbalize my feelings about my husband getting laid off from his job. (After thirty eight years.) We talked about my thoughts and feelings and how it is affecting both of us.  She helped me think about things that I have been avoiding and she helped me realize that I was going to be ok. I thought she did a really good job.  I realized that I can approach things differently and the end results might not be negative. I never thought of that before!  Sarah, age 59

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